Form Follows Function off a short pier
Kevin Reiswig: some thoughts on his work

I get asked many questions regarding the circumstances of my artistic creations: “Who inspired you?” “Where are you from?” “What are you interested in?”, etc. etc. An answer to any of these questions would be multi-faceted, would require many pages of text, and I would have to open my mouth to talk much more than I’d like to.. However, I’ve noticed there are things in my home which would give a curious observer clues into the motivations and obstacles of my life, telling a story without words: the accumulations and processes of my studio, the adornments of my bedroom, or the books I have read. In my installation at HOME gallery, I intend to describe my self and my work through a collage of objects and images. I will do this in the spirit of reflection, in which I hope to offer many (but certainly not all) answers to the one question which has haunted me my entire life: Why did I make that?

Opening: Saturday July 20th
6:00 to 10:00 pm
Opening performance at 8:00 pm by John Preus, Tadd Cowen and Aaron Shapiro

Closing Brunch:
Sunday September 22nd
11:00 am to 3:00 pm
This exhibit will develop over the course of it’s two month run. Visits after opening by appointment. Check in regularly to see progress on commissioned pieces at our blog sites - HOME gallery, on Facebook, or Southsidehub.org
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