ABOUT: Amanda Vähämäki
I was born in 1981 in Tampere, Finland. I grew up drawing, writing and reading stories, wandering around forests and lakes and suddenly turning out a geeky teenager who had read all the comics in the local library (which actually didn't have a bad collection at all). After high school, precisely in the summer of 2000, I thought I had had all the humiliation I could bear and left Finland only to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy. There I found a great professor, one of those that don't exist anymore, and a small group of people interested in animation and comics. This professor tortured us every Monday morning showing us a three-hour compilation of short films, which were masterpieces of animation or pop culture, as I found out only when it was too late and I was already graduated.

During these years, and with the help of this maestro, I finally understood the only thing I could do right were comics. So, I started taking part in competitions and producing little self-published comic books. This brought me to Canicola, a collective of young comic artists living in and near Bologna. The group had just been formed but for some reason I was also taken in, and taken good care of. I started publishing at the very moment the first issue of the Canicola magazine came out, in November 2004. Since then I've been publishing short stories in several European anthologies.

My first graphic novel, Campo di babà [The Bun Field], was published by Canicola in 2006, the year I graduated and moved back to Tampere, where I now dwell and work and occasionally wander around forests and lakes again.

Finnish, French and Swedish editions of The Bun Field came out in 2007, co-edited by Fremok and Daadabooks.
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