ABOUT: Michelangelo Setola
Michelangelo Setola was born in Bologna in 1980. His drawings and comics have been published in the magazines "Hamelin", "Lo straniero", "Sugo", "Black", "Frame", "Glomp", "Canicola", "Orang", "De Brakke Hond", "Strapazin" and "Internazionale". In 2004 he published Michelangelo Setola, a 20-drawing book. In 2005 an exibition of his works, Un posto tranquillo, was mounted in Bologna. In 2006 he won the first prize at the international comics contest organized by "Fumetto" Comics festival of Luzern, and realized together with Amanda Vähämäki the book Souvlaki Circu and the exibition Un cuculo di cento chili, (Hinterconti gallery, Hamburg). During 2008 his works were shown at "Fumetto" in Luzern, and at ARTISSIMA international exposition of conteporary art in Torino, and in collaboration with these two festivals he published the comic book Bar Miki.
He was one of the founding members of the comic magazine and project Canicola (www.canicola.net), with which he still collaborates.
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